Monday, August 6, 2012

Yesterday was a great day for me.  My family and I celebrated the one year birthday of our youngest - Austin.

After 9 months of pregnancy (and all it's "joys") and 12 months of recovery/catch up/chasing baby on hardly any sleep - it was great to celebrate.

Here he is eating some yummy Red Beet Chocolate Cake (a Green Smoothie Girl Recipe.)  It was really yummy - and way healthier than a basic cake mix cake.

Today was another milestone, sort of.  All the older kids went back to school.  One in high school, two in middle school, one in elementary, and next week my little girl (the one in all the pics) heads to Pre-K.  It's been a bit of a reflective time for me.

Here I am, at the start of another school year . . and based on the experience of past years, it's gonna fly!
But I'm excited to get a little quiet time to catch up on my blog . . and make my girls some new bows.  Yes - all my girls.  Even my 15 year old wears the pretty flower clips.  It's been so great having lots of good quality bows around that appeal to every age group.  When they're made quality, they last a long time.  Unless they get lost because they're so pretty the kids use them to play dress up on dolls and stuffed animals.  (sigh)

Next, what I'm up to - pigtail bows for my long haired preschooler!  yay!

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