Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making a bow that will last and last

So the past few weeks have been a little sentimental for me.  My baby boy turned 1.  My little girl turned 4, and she started Pre-K this week.  She was soo excited.  And I was excited for her, but I do miss having her around all day.  She's such a little lovey-girl.  

As you can imagine, things around here are pretty crazy in the morning trying to get all the kids to school on time, with everything they need!  It was so convenient to grab her outfit and a bow that matched with no problem. We have so many bows around here its almost embarrassing!  The great thing is that I'm using bows in her hair that she wore when she was a baby!  Talk about a worthwhile investment!

So I wanted to share a small checklist of things to help you make your baby hair bows to last years instead of weeks or months.  It makes sense to make it right the first time, and save yourself dollars in the long run!

1 - Only buy what you will use.  It's so fun to buy beautiful ribbon.  But be careful, go with a list of what you need and will make into hair bows, otherwise you end up with lots of things you don't need, which ends up in clutter and guilt for overspending.  No one needs that!

2 - Take the time to finish your ribbon in your baby hair bow properly.  Yes, it is an extra step, but it's so worth it!  Use a flame if the ribbon is sheer, or Fray Check if it's not.  Apply carefully to avoid "glue spots" in visible areas in the baby hair bow.  Apply even in areas where the ribbon is hidden, under the bow by the center line.  This helps to keep your bow tied together strong.  (click here for more information on sealing ribbon ends.)

3 - Use a good ribbon to tie the baby hair bow.  I'm talking about the "tying ribbon" not the ribbon for the baby hair bow.  (This is the ribbon you lay in the bowdabra before you loop the ribbons.)  My first preference for tying ribbon is a narrow, 1/8", white sheer or grosgrain ribbon.  This may not be easy to find, so always get a few spools when it is available.  If you can't find white, another neutral color will work.  I like sheer and grosgrain ribbon because they have a nice texture that holds really nicely.  The knot will stay strong, and not come undone, or let the Hair Bow loops slip.

4 - Prepare your clip.  Before you attach your hair bow to an alligator clip, cover the clip with matching ribbon.  It not only looks nicer, but the glue stays on longer and stronger.

5 - Make sure all your embellishments are well attached.  Not only do you not want your beautiful embellishments falling off your baby hair bow, but it's a safety issue.  You certainly do NOT want baby to get any embellishments in her mouth and possibly choke.  Always watch for anything coming loose on the hair bow and fix anything that needs fixing right away.

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