Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New - The Hair Bow Academy

I am working on something that I think will be really awesome - and I can't wait to share it with you!

It's Headbands for Baby's Hair Bow Academy!

If you want to make your own baby headbands and hair bows - you are gonna love love this!

The biggest feature of the Hair Bow Academy is the video tutorials - and there will be lots of them!

As a member, you can log on, pick which bow you want to learn to make, and watch video tutorials with a simple mouse click. (yes, I did say tutorials.) There will be multiple video tutorials for each style of bow - that means you get to see lots of variations of one style.

The best part is, anytime I create a new style of bow or headband - I can immediately post it for all of you to see! I'm very excited about this part, because I have a new headband style and a new hair bow style to share that are so new, they aren't even in my latest ebook!!

Be sure to check out this tutorial sample to see what's coming your way!! It's gonna be awesome!


Monday, November 15, 2010

who wants to buy some headbands?

I normally don't do this. I love to design and create bows, and teach people how to make them, but something happened to change that.
I learned about a 1 year old little girl, Darby, who is fighting leukemia. It captured my heart immediately. So when I learned that various fundraisers were being organized for her, including an online auction, I immediately volunteered some of my headbands!

There are three auctions so far. The first raised over $2000! The second wraps up tonight, and the third starts tomorrow.
I have donated a Holiday Headband package that is in the second auction;

and a Holiday Hairbow for pigtails package that is in the third auction.

Please hop online and take a look, and if you'd like them, please make a bid.

Thanks for viewing - and good luck Darby!! Dollars For Darby Auction


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Super Cute Butterfly Baby Hair Bow

So yesterday I was making one of my favorite baby hair bows, The Butterfly Bow, for the new online video tutorials set to come out very soon . . and I ran out of ribbon! Ugh! So instead of making a 3 loop bow, which is what I almost always make, I made a two loop bow. Hmmm, I think I really like it!!

What do you all think?